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You have a diverse collection of rolling, floating, and flying stock . . . no problem, Resto-Rat can handle it. Resto-Rat is capable of supporting multiple collections, and multiple types of collectible assets and projects. You can manage your or your client’s collection of cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, bikes and tractors using component organizing templates and maintenance activities that you can customize for each asset type. Frankly, you can store vintage equipment and road art as well. Any kind of collection is possible. And if you want to manage your everyday drivers and the trailer you use to get your four-wheeler to the lease, you can do that also. Resto-Rat supports a diverse range of collectibles and project types from vehicles to road art. And if we don't accommodate it now, let us know . . . we will tomorrow.

Increase Project Value with Good Documentation
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The more documentation the more the increase. People want to know the prominence, the owner string, the historical facts, and the work done. Access to receipts gives comfort parts that are not necessarily seen were at least purchased and hopefully installed. And certifications and accreditations provide evidence that the vehicle is “as represented.” For a car or boat that has undergone a complete restoration, the transformation is often dramatic and is a story in and of itself. Part of the reason documentation increases value is good documentation is rare. People often do not have the discipline to take photos during the process and store them in an organized fashion. Paper documents, aside from being fragile, are often lost in file cabinets as ownership changes hands. And face it, most of us are mechanics and craftsmen not writers, desktop publishers and archivists.

Resto-Rat gives you the toolbox to know what to document, how to document, where to store the documentation, and eventually to produce the “document” you need to increase your projects valuation at completion.

Collections, even of one, require attention.
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We all know vehicles need to be driven, planes need to be flown, motors need to be started to keep them working in tip-top shape. And for collections that are now “art” and perhaps don’t start anymore, there is still a great deal of attention required to maintain art in the eyes of the beholder. Yet few of us have the discipline to perform occasional startups, keep fuel fresh after battery charge decays, and know that inspections and registrations are current on that sunny day when you want to take her out for a spin. Deferred maintenance can mean that your precious resto-mod doesn’t start when you are ready, but also can drive cost up buying new batteries, pulling, draining, and cleaning fuel tanks. Removing corrosion on idle mechanicals takes time and effort. Resto-Rat monitors your collection and alerts you to periodic maintenance of every asset in your collection, when it is required, and more importantly, before it is past due.

A well-maintained collection increases in value and helps ensure it fires when “needed.”

Realize your Investment at Project Completion
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Project completion requires project management. Whether you realize it or not, part of completing your PhD (project half done) is managing your time, planning your next activity, researching and ordering the required parts, and staying within your budget. Most part suppliers will give discounts for larger orders, and consolidating orders saves on shipping cost. Having the part on hand when you need it means you get the task completed in the time allotted (generally the weekend between honey dos). Resto-Rat helps you identify and track required parts, plan your activities, order from the best vendors, and leverage discounts along with reduced shipping cost. And if you want to know how many hours went into your project now that it is complete, you can track that as you go.

Better management reduces cost, and saves money that you can use to buy more parts (or that valentines dinner) and helps avoid Ph.D disposition of a disassembled pile of parts a few years down the road.

How many photos do you have in your phone?
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How many photos do you have in your phone? Can you locate that picture from the show a year ago where you saw that innovative use of an old whiskey bottle for a fuel filter? Did you remember to take “before” photos of that variable pitch prop four months ago when you took it apart and can’t remember now where that little clip goes?  Resto-Rat provides the structure to capture photos before, during, and after the work is done, whether for show or for reference. And then helps organize them by collection, by project, by component so that they can be retrieved, shared, and referenced, Even printed in a final hard bound glossy picture book that is “coffee table” quality. All of this done with the photo management and editing skills you already have on your mobile device.

You will never again find yourself scrolling back through hundreds of photos to find that one picture you know you have . . . somewhere!

Protect Your Investments
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Guessing you have that prize collection insured? Most classics are stated value with limited usage. The insuring agent will want photo documentation with annual updates and you want to make sure you are adequately insured. supports your insurance requirements with valuation support, document retention, renewal notification, and a photos report export to excel that can be effortlessly forwarded to your agent when requested. If you need an agent for that new purchase, we can even help you there with a link to an online quote right from the application.

Accurate data and good documentation helps insure you are not over or under insured, both of which can be expensive.

Mobile Tracking at the Auction
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You are at the auction and see several cars that peak your interest. Resto-Rat is at your side.  Resto-Rat can support multiple collections, even prospective or past collections.  If you want to track potential cars for acquisition, create a new Collection for Prospects.  Then create an asset as a prospect in your collection, enter the lot number in the name, assign a condition level, take all the photos you want.  Then build a component budget on the fly where you stand estimating what it might take to make it “you.” Then link to an online price guide to help establish your top bid limitation. This can all be done while standing at the prospect, and recalled as your new baby hits the auction block.

All this on your mobile or tablet device with no pen and paper required. And when it comes to the block, retrieval is fast so you can refresh your position and get ready for Chicken George, your new best friend.