I have been restoring cars since I was thirteen. Throughout that time, I have seen how professional shops complete projects (with the successes and pitfalls of experience), and have bought a half-dozen cars from enthusiast that got as far as disassembly and then for whatever reason abandoned the project. Several years ago I started to envision the kinds of data management tools that would help keep a project on track. And I am passionate about documenting my work. Then, I began to think of a software product to support the do-it-yourself restorer. Today the small footprint mobile app platform is the perfect way to put the tools that make a project successful in the grasp of the restorer at the project. No need to go to a desktop and no need to do paperwork later. Resto-Rat combines over 40 years’ experience restoring all manner of things with today’s available technology in a low cost mobile solution.


In any restoration project, you are going to invest a lot of time and money bringing the asset back to its original grandeur. Why not spend a few dollars a month, get organized, and add value to the project with good documentation and record keeping. If you do nothing more than get your part orders organized to leverage savings on shipping and volume discounts, you will realize the investment you make in Resto-Rat.com several times over.

Resto-Rat is the first comprehensive mobile application supporting the collection and restoration enthusiast. You can choose to use as much or as little as you prefer. If you are a data guy that wants to organize and label your screw bins and number your tool trays, then you can efficiently document as much or as little of your project as you like. And if you are the type that has a big Styrofoam ice chest full of nuts, bolts and washers, Resto-rat can still help you to find parts when you need them, and at least organize the photographs and key data necessary to title, register, and insure whatever you own in that prize collection.

Every collector can use this application. Even if you only store your photos for each Asset, this tool gives you an easily organized and catalogued repository for your photos so you are not searching on your phone for those pictures of the finished product. If you want to leverage this tool to get the most out of it, you will add value to your collection, your current project(s) and your knowledge of the restoration business.

And remember, this tool was envisioned by a guy that does his own work. Sam has restored over a dozen cars including Model A Fords, MGAs, Muscles cars including a 1971 Dodge Challenger and a 1976 and a 1968 Corvette. Almost every project has won awards in their class. He has also restored two boats including a 1931 Chris Craft Runabout to Best in Class acclaim. He has three motorcycles in his current collection and currently has three projects underway with a 1932 Rolls Royce 20/25 Sedanca DeVille in the wings. Sam uses Resto-Rat on all his projects and we hope you will also.

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