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Sign Up

First sign up insert your User Name, Email Address and Password, touch the
black | Sign Up | button (Fig: 1.1). When successful, will take you to the User Profile page under Settings (Fig: 1.2). Enter your information and touch theto add a photo image of yourself.

Under User Type, you will see a drop-down box with selections for Asset Owner, or Contributor. You will select Asset Owner. Contributors are for added users who you want to track in your time tracking or assign tasks during your project.

You will also see a Cost Rate and a Bill Rate drop-down box. If you want to track the value of your labor contribution, you can enter a rate that you think your time is worth as a cost rate, and if you are working for hire, you may want to include a bill rate for your services.

The yellow Save icon in the upper right black banner saves your changes. You will be prompted to save if you forget to save your changes.