Photo Management

Photo Management

Details about an Asset, whether in Collections or Projects, are accessed by clicking on the Thumbnail Photo for that asset. The main collection or project screen shows a listing of all thumbnails (fig: 5.1). Touching one of these thumbnails brings up the Asset Main Screen (fig: 5.2).

Now that you are on the Main Asset Screen, a small Camera Icon appears in the upper right corner of the Thumbnail Photo.

Touching the body of the thumbnail will let you view all asset photos that are in the asset’s Photo Gallery (fig: 5.3). Touching one of these thumbnails will enlarge the photo full screen and allow you to scroll left or right through the remainder of the photos by touching on the left or right arrows. You can also Share your photo with others via email, messaging or your social media accounts.

To Add Photos or view your Asset Gallery, touch on the white Camera Icon in the upper right of the thumbnail. This brings up the photo management dialogue box with the ability to select View Asset Gallery, Take a Photo, Add from Phone Gallery, or Change Thumbnail. You must have at least one photo in the Asset Gallery to select a thumbnail.

You can up to five photos at a time from the Phone’s Gallery.

Access the camera to Take a Photo and load to the Asset Gallery directly.

Touch Change Thumbnail and then select from the photos in the Asset Gallery to Set a new thumbnail.

By touching a photo thumbnail to enlarge the photo, you can then touch the white text in the upper black bar to View and Edit Photo Attributes. This allows you to designate a photo as a Before, In Progress, After, Reference, or All photo. These designations may be used for reporting and categorization. You may also enter a Description, a Note, establish the date taken, the location taken, assign the photo to this or another Project, and select the associated Component and Sub-Component structure if the asset is a project asset with a structure assigned. You will be prompted to save changes to the Photo Attributes by touching the yellow Save icon in the upper right black bar.