The app has three major functional areas. The Forum is directly accessible from our web site www.Resto-Rat.com/Forum. Then there are two major areas, Collections and Projects.

Collections and Projects hold an asset. Whether it is a boat or a plane or a car or a bicycle, any one of these is considered an asset. Think of your project as an asset under construction, and a collection as a collection of assets that are generally complete. While projects are asset specific, collections can hold any kind of asset. You can also establish multiple collections. For instance, you may want to have a collection of assets you currently own, a place to store assets that you once owned but have since sold, and possibly even assets you would like to acquire, say at an auction. Assets can be moved easily among collections, and assets can be deleted. All Projects have a status that assigns them to a category of Active, Potential, Planned, Dormant, Complete, or Cancelled. These categories serve like collections to help manage your past, current and pending projects. You can also move between project categories easily.

An asset in a collection can have discrete projects. And once projects are completed, they can be moved to a collection.

Collections are where you manage for the most part completed or investment grade assets in your collection. Here you manage and store related photographs, key information related to the asset, and manage maintenance activity.

Projects are where you manage restoration activities and include budgeting and cost tracking, time tracking, plan upcoming activities, track parts and invoices, and keep archive notes.

Assets in both Collections and Projects have access to the photo management function and allow you to capture photos from your camera or your existing mobile device photo gallery. You can then copy them to the asset gallery and designate the primary thumbnail.

No that you understand the overall structure of the App, lets get started.