Maintenance Activity

Maintenance Activity

Any asset in a collection requires ongoing maintenance activity to keep it in peak condition. It might be changing the oil, or performing a periodic start-up. It might be renewing insurance or registration (fig: 3.1). These activities are easy to forget and will have a deleterious effect on your collection. Resto-Rat loads a standard set of maintenance activities that has been established for each Asset Type when you create the asset. Once that activity list is established, it can be edited to add or delete activities that you want to maintain. To see the listing, simply touch the button in the upper right of the asset screen and the Activity Listing will appear. Any activity that has reached its expire date will have a red dot next to the listing. You are up to date if all dots are green.

By touching any one of the listings, you can see the detail and reset the maintenance activity (fig: 3.2). The notification triggers on the planned date. You can, however, select the Maintenance Cycle and the Maintenance Interval as a general indicator of maintenance desired.

You can add new activities by touching the white Add New Activity text in the black bar in the upper right of your screen. This will bring up a new activity listing detail screen that you can complete for any type of maintenance activity for which you want to receive notifications. You may adjust your notification frequency in the User Profile section of the Settings tab to receive an email Weekly or Monthly.

You can delete an activity from the activity listing detail page. Touching the activity, and then selecting the | Delete | button will delete an activity from the listing. This action CANNOT BE UNDONE. You will be prompted to verify deletion. Please proceed with caution for any deletion!